CedarToken 2.0

The First Token to Implement Forestry & Woodland Investments to the Blockchain
(Previously Charity-Based)

Environmental protection is one of this generation’s most pressing issues, affecting everyone and everything. Given this, it’s no surprise that investing in a long-term future has become a popular topic of discussion in financial circles.

The CedarToken introduces “Forestry and Woodland Investments” to the Blockchain, making it the first token to implement re-investments within a cryptocurrency!

Project starting once we reach a sustainable market cap!

What is the CedarToken?

The CedarToken is a frictionless yield generation, hard-coded token built on the Binance Smart Chain technology.
Forests are vanishing.

It’s no secret that deforestation is a global catastrophe that poses a threat to human lives while also contributing to climate change. Over 10 million hectares of forest have been chopped or burned down since January 1, 2020. If current trends continue, the globe will only have 10% of its rainforests left in ten years, resulting in the extinction of tens of thousands of species and the release of gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Investing in sustainable forestry is not only beneficial to the environment, but it can also reward you financially. Forests are a reliable investment, according to many working in sustainable forestry; trees continue to grow regardless of the state of the economy. As a result, impact investing in sustainable forestry is an excellent option.

Protecting Investors' Interests

While we are helping in saving our planet, we have a plan aiming to protect all of our investments to the maximum extent. Therefore, all of the projects updates will be transparently posted on all of our social media pages.

We will be offering customer support via e-mail & Telegram.

We Bring together Investments & a Great Cause

The ultimate goal of the CedarToken is to be the all-in-one solution and offer a wide array of favors.

Our investors will be rewarded by the price increase of the asset and also by holding on to our tokens, as they will be rewarded from other transactions happening on the blockchain.

The revenue generated by the “Forestry & Woodland Investments” will get re-injected into the liquidity pool, making it the first asset to grow in value directly based on ROI and not only by more investors joining our project.

How Does The CedarToken Work and Its Benefits

The CedarToken takes 10% on every transaction that happens on its blockchain:

Our Goals While We Reach Our Main Mission

CedarWallet (At 500 Holders)
Creating the CedarWallet, an official CedarToken Wallet with Instant Token Swap Functionality + Other Top Cryptocurrencies.
CedarStake (At 2,500 Holders)
Introducing Staking & Yield-Farming to the CedarToken, Providing More Ways for Investors to Make Money with their Asset.
CedarMerch (At 10,000 Holders)
Launching of CedarToken Merchandise Store & Using CEDARS as a Medium of Exchange. Specific Percentage of the Profits will be Re-Injected into CedarToken's Liquidity Pool.
CUSD (At 100,000 Holders)
Developing & Deploying CUSD, CedarToken's Official Stablecoin.
CedarSea (To be Announced)
Launching the Official CedarToken NFT Marketplace (CedarSea) with 2.5% Royalties Going to the Main CedarToken's Purpose.
CedarProject (To be Announced)
Launching of CedarToken's NFT Project on CedarSea.

Our motivated team

Our Advisory Board

Distribution of Tokens

CedarToken is all about transparency. In return for providing us your trust to grow our market cap to a sustainable level, enabling us to officially start the project, you should also know where all the tokens are.


  • 45% Burned

  • 33% Circulating Supply (Supply will be added + burned accordingly - Mixed with a locked wallet with slow release of the tokens)

  • 10% Reserved Funding (Used for marketing and promoting our asset)

  • 10% Founders and Team

  • 2% Advisors